Resin Spray - The High Glass Shine

My Octopus was not complete.  
Yesterday I showed you how I made him.
Today I am showing you how I finished him.

There is a super product in the ETI catalog that I have not showcased on this blog before today.
It is the Resin Spray.  
I LOVE the spray, but sadly, it is not available in Canada so I have tried not to use it for posts knowing that so many of my readers are from Canada.
I can't keep it a secret anymore. 
The next time you cross border shop, do try and pick up a can.  It is totally worth it.  I am going to start sharing some super ways I use it this fall.
 My octopus is a perfect example of why the spray is an ideal add-on for your resin crafting projects.
The front of my octopus is brilliant.   The back however, looks so unfinished.
 I simply painted the cured Resin Clay octopus with black acrylic paint.  That would have been fine, however, the paint would probably chip and scratch off as I wore the piece.
I would also worry about paint transfer if I had on a white shirt.
 So I took my octopus to the garage.  
(I don't spray this inside)
One fast coating of spray and my piece is now professionally finished!  The back might even look better than the front now.

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