Lanvin Inspired Name Plate With Resin Clay

This is a name plate necklace inspired by the fabulous French fashion design house: Lanvin.
 The runways and magazines are loving their larger than life necklaces.  I have been coveting these necklaces all summer and finally decided to see if I could make something with Resin Clay.  Happily I could!
 I simply made a batch of Resin Clay and rolled it by hand into a long tube shape.  I spelled the word "Love" with clay, being careful to make sure that all the letters were joined.
 I added one screw eye on the "L" otherwise I would not know how to make it wearable.
 I even placed wax paper over my word and rolled it flatter.
 Gold Pearl-Ex gave me the colour I wanted.
Can you believe how simple and effective this is?
Resin Genius!
The back of my piece I painted with gold acrylic paint.  I then protected it with a spray coating of our Resin Spray.  You can read about that technique in this post linked here.

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