Jewelry Resin In a Baking Pan

 This is an easy way for me to create a tiny piece of art in an old vintage pan.
I did two separate resin pours to make it look as though my beads were floating.
 Whenever I see these baking pans in antique markets I can't resist picking them up.  The usually range in price between $1 to $3.  I keep two or three out on my work table and whenever I have left over resin from a project I usually pour it into one of these pans.  This way when I go to work in them, the artwork is not all the way on the bottom, but about 1/3 of the way higher in the pan.
 In this pan I had some left over black coloured resin.  I stuck this sticker to the surface and sealed the paper like I always do.  (see "sealing" on side bar if you need more information)
I glued sequins in place as a frame.
 Then I made a small batch of Jewelry Resin which I poured into the pan.  That was the first of two pours I used for this project.
 When the first layer of resin had cured I then glued on these red seed beads.
I covered them with the second pour of Jewelry Resin.
Seed beads are great embellishments.  They can create tiny air pockets though.  I did miss these two bubbles though!  I only noticed them cured in place once I had taken my pictures for the blog post.
These can be used as great Christmas tree ornaments!

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