Jewelry Clay Octopus

 This may be the easiest and most fun project I have ever shared with you on this blog!
Lately, octopus have appeared as symbols in a lot of the books I am reading.  I started to look for one that was a charm or pendant and was not having a lot of luck.
 Last night I decided to just pull out my Jewely Clay to see if I could make one.  This is not something I have ever attempted but I was feeling adventurous.
 I just made some shapes and placed them on a non-stick sheet.
 I wanted visible eyes so I gathered some crystals.  
 In order to make my octopus instantly wearable I pushed a small silver screw eye into the clay.  These cure in place and I don't have to fuss with a glue on bail later.
 Then I added the colour; Pearl-Ex Carbon black.  
When we worked on the launch of this clay last summer it was my belief that it would be better to have one great clay without colour, so artists and designers could choose whatever colour they wanted later.  This black application just shows you that if you have powdered pigments, you can have any clay colour you want.
 At this point I decided I needed bigger eyes.  So I poked out the originals and added new eyes and the tiny crystal mouth.
Our clay air dries.  This is how my table looked when I went to bed last night!
It cured perfectly!  The screw eye is embedded and I could add this to a necklace right away!

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