Easy Shark Pendant with Jewelry Clay

 This shell and shark pendant is a great example of how Jewelry Clay can be used as a dimensional glue.
 I have showed you the new Jewelry Clay in molds, as a transfer technique, as a stampable surface and so much more.  You may not think of it as just a super dimensional glue for your project creating tool box.
 A tiny bit of clay placed on the base of the shell was all I needed to hold my shark bead in place.  I just pressed my shark into place.  The clay allows me to create my 3D effect in a way I could not achieve with regular glue.
 I brushed the surface of the clay with sky blue Pearl-Ex.  Pearl-Ex clings to the clay surface and cures in place.
 You can also embed objects with ease.  While my clay was still moist I pressed in some Preciosa crystals.   These also cure permanently in place.  No more re-gluing the crystals later.  
Best of all, the clay air dries!
Here is a Sharknado pendant I made using the same techniques earlier this summer.

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