Resin and Vintage Finds and Edelweiss - The Necklace

 Here is what I did with the one of a kind metal frame piece I showed you how to make yesterday on the blog.
 This is the dried edelweiss flower in one layer of Jewelry Resin.
 As you can see from this close up, the frame is shallow, but there is still a little bit more room for a second doming pour.
 I prefer to make all my resin pieces with two pours.  This allows me to work on the first layer of resin and at this point I can deal with any mistakes which make have occurred.
 I added some gel marker lines and dots to this top layer to highlight my flower.  Then I just poured one more layer of Jewelry Resin over the surface.

The highlights look fabulous and the resin doming layer cured perfectly! 
(look, no bubbles)

I'm pretty happy with this new necklace!

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