Resin and Vintage Finds and Edelweiss

I hope this beautiful resin filled metal frame caught your eye today.
Every April I look for unique and one of a kind vintage items during my annual trip to Paris.  Tables like this are always tempting and you would be amazed at how many unusual things you can find to work in with resin, if you have a little imagination.
 This metal frame is an unknown object to me.  I am not sure if it was meant to be used as part of a dinner service or if it was a frame of some sort.  No matter, I knew it would be a stunning pendant when I was done with it!
 In order to make my background a little more interesting I painted the inside black.  This allowed me to then paint new and fresher silver tones over it which would bounce light.
 My next decision was what I would want to permanently encase in resin.  This vintage french postcard still has its dried edelweiss flowers intact.  Since I am half Austrian, this is a sentimental but meaningful flower for me to work with.
 I removed my dried flower and made sure that my background was the right shade of paint.
 I treat dried flowers the same way I treat paper.  
It needs several coats of a good decoupage medium to seal it.  Dried flowers encased in resin tend to become darker because they absorb resin.  I try to make sure as little resin as possible can come into contact with the flower.  Sealing the flower keeps the resin from penetrating it.
Last, I added some gel marker highlights and some rhinestone chain.  When everything had dried over night I simply poured in Jewelry Resin.
This looks wonderful with one pour.
Tomorrow I will show you how it looks with another layer of resin.

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