Jewelry Resin Birdies

 My necklace features two birds that I made with leftover resin.
 Most of the time, when I made a batch of resin, I have a very good idea how much I will need.  Occasionally I do make a little extra and on my table I have molds and other containers I can pour this "left over" resin in to.  This little bird mold is one that I use a lot.
 My cured resin birds always looks so pretty when they are clear and transparent, but they are hard to see.  I decided to glue my birds to some Japanese paper.
 Here are three birds after I cut away the excess paper.  Now they look wonderful!  I drilled two tiny holes into the winds and attached them to a metal tree branch.
 This really is "birds on a wire."
They are now the focal point of a new necklace.

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