Forest in a Bottle With Nunn Design

 I have a second "under the dome" sort of project today.
This "forest in a bottle" pendant is just so easy to make!
This is the glass keepsake I received several months ago from Nunn Design.
I knew I wanted to put something special in glass and tried dozens of different inclusions.
 While I was working on the ring for yesterday's post I realized I made a little too much Jewelry Clay.
 So I decided to just go ahead and make up a second terrarium-like wearable.  I pushed my clay into the glass as carefully as possible..  I tried to make sure the clay didn't touch any of the glass inside the bottle so it would remain clear.
 Using a teeny tiny brush, I coloured the clay with green Pearl Ex.  Now when you look into my miniature forest it looks like there is a grass bottom. I was careful to wipe the inside of the glass clean with a q-tip.
 Miniature trees were added after I inserted my little character into the bottle.
Here I am, waving you a hello!

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