Trinket Foundry Glass Bottom and Crafters Companion Flower Fairy

This is my first glass bezel project!  
Wondering where I got a glass bezel?
 The glass bezel I am working in is from the Trinket Foundry . I I met them in their booth at the Bead and Button show last month.  They have all sorts of wonderful recycled glass and this is the bottom of a small bottle.  
My fairy image is from the Crafter's Companion Flower Fairy Friends CD collection.  I printed this image on inkjet acetate.

This project took several days to complete because 

Here is the glass bezel and my Flower Fairy printed on acetate cut to fit the bezel.
POUR One:  Hopefully you can see that I have poured some Jewelry Resin into my bezel 1/3 depth. When the resin was settled (15 minutes or so) I then placed my acetate image into it.  I was sure to push the image into place and monitored for any air pockets.  I let this resin layer cure overnight.
Look how great it looks!
Now I gathered my dried flowers.
Working on the surface of the first layer of resin I was able to glue my dried flowers in place.
POUR TWO:  I covered this dried flower layer with Jewlery Resin.  Not to the brim of the bezel.  Just so the flowers were completely covered.  I let this cure overnight.
The next morning I added some gel pen marker lines and dots to the second layer of cured resin.  Everything looks like it is floating now!
POUR Three:  I poured one last layer of Jewelry Resin to the brim of my glass bezel.  I let it cure overnight.
I knew I would want to wear this glass bezel but if I glued a bail to the back of my piece it would show through the design.
So, I decided to glue this wood bead as a frame around my piece instead.  Have I mentioned how effective Quick Grip glue is for these sorts of tasks?

Ta Da!!  
My fairy is beautifully showcased in a recycled glass bottom bezel!

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