Jewelry Clay Transfers With Print 'n Press

My studio resin table looks so interesting today!
This weekend I printed these images (purchased on ETSY) onto a piece of Print 'n Press transfer paper.
Today I made a little batch of Jewelry Clay.
All I am doing is pressing my clay into a nice circular shape on the paper.  The clay will rest here all day and tomorrow morning I will be able to peel it away.  The clay is curing in place.
Since the clay is just sitting, it is a great idea to add some colour to it now.  I have brushed this beautiful bronze Pearl Ex powder across the back of the clay.
Then I did two more things.
1.  You can't see but I dry stamped a rubber stamp of faux text into the clay to give it some texture.
2.  I added screw eyes into the clay to make them immediately wearable once the clay has cured.
Tomorrow I will post results!

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