EasyCast Molded Cabochons

Black Cats in EasyCast resin.

ETI created this mold several years ago.  It has some of the standard cabochon shapes jewelers set into various cabochon settings.  The mold crevices are deep, so EasyCast is the best resin to use.
 I wanted to see if I could embed these plastic stickers.  I poured several layers of EasyCast in order to suspend my cats and beads.  When you work in a mold like this you have to work backwards...the bottom becomes the front when you are finished.
Here are my resin cabochons after I popped them out of the mold.  I did sand the edges a little with a nail file.

 Then I simply glued them with some rhinestone chain into these plain gold bezels.  The cats look great!
I am not sure where I will use these pieces   
I am just so happy to know that the plastic stickers worked so well!
I even made a small oval cabochon which I glued into this bracelet!

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