Easter Island Casting to Necklace

 Here is my new inspired summer necklace featuring a figural shape you may recognize.

 Earlier this spring I had a post explaining how I made these cast Easter Island heads.  I always make extras and today I am going to show you how I made the head wearable.  These were made with EasyCast in an ice cube mold.
 Right out of the mold my casting was quite good.  You can see a little bit of a rough edge here.  My sanders of choice are a regular emery board and my $1 battery powered nail file tool from the Dollar Store.
Resin is easy to sand.  
(do not inhale resin dust or wear a mask if you have one)
You can see how I managed to locate a bubble in the casting when I did my sanding.  I just sanded a little more.  I knew this piece would be resting against my skin or a t-shirt and I just wanted to be sure it wasn't going to feel scratchy.
Because I design and make a lot of jewelry I keep many different jewelry components on hand.  This is my box of "bails."  Bails are glued on the reverse of a pendant making them now easy to attach to a string  cord or chain.  You can see I picked a very simple bail to match the shape of my Easter Island head.
Strung on my necklace, this component looks amazing!
A one of a kind necklace if I do say so myself!

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