The Good and The Bad Resin Pour

Let's begin with my successful 
Envirotex Lite pour!
Aren't these bezels gorgeous?
The just scream hot summer!
 The images I found in Paris this spring.  I found these sets of cute French stickers and bought several pads.  The sticker pads are appropriately titles "Mon Petit Art."
I was halfway done after simply placing the images into my bezels.  All I had to do was properly "seal" the paper (and for new resin users see the sidebar for sealing info posts).  I sealed everything three times like I normally do.
The pink stickers are perfectly embedded in resin!  Not a stain at all.
So you can imagine my disappointment with the silver stickers I am about to share with you.
For some strange odd reason they buckled and stained.  Resin sometimes reminds you that it can be tricky.  Normally I do a small test before working with a new paper/surface.  Instead, I went from "great idea" to seven bad pieces in one pour.  A lesson for me is that metallic paper can be difficult to seal and to do a better job observing this in the future.

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