The Eraser in Resin Pendant

I hope your first though upon seeing this pendant is "isn't that cute."  I think it is adorable myself.
I did a brand new resin experiment!  
I wanted to see what would happen if I poured Envirotex Jewelry Resin over erasers.  You know, the school kind where you can erase pencil markings....
I discovered that Westcott has sets of "Twist It" erasers.  The colours are amazing and they do look like licorice.  (I do plan to give them to my niece and nephew but I could not resist keeping a package for myself.)
 What is really special about these erasers is that they have a design running through the whole centre.  I decided to see if I could "slice" some sections.
 Aren't these so fun?  They slice just like a cane of polymer clay.
All I did was glue them into my pendant.

I lined my edges with glitter glue and then just poured in Jewelry Resin!

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