Over The Top Jewelry Clay Necklace

I already know.
I went way, way, way overboard with this necklace.
I am sharing it with you because this is what happens when you experiment with a new medium and that new medium is Jewelry Clay.
 My idea was a simple one to start.  Fill some bottle cap style components with the clay.
 I happily made my clay gold by brushing gold Pearl Ex across the surface.
 Then I stamped my initials into the clay with rubber stamps and black StazOn ink.  I should have stopped right here.
 But the ink was still wet and I wanted to see if Pearl Ex would cling to it.  It did.  The pink Pearl-Ex made my black look purple.
 Then I added some Preciosa crystals.  I see space...I fill it.
Since I was already dabbling, I pulled out this metal embossing tool and added some interesting pattern to the clay surface.
Could I stop???  No, having too much fun at this point.  In for a penny they say...
 I added some extra colour with my Sharpie glitter marker.
 Last but not least, after my clay cured overnight I just had to pour some Jewelry Resin into the recessed areas.....
When you go overboard...sometimes you just have to try everything!

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