Craft and Hobby Association - Canada Designer Section

Last weekend I hosted in my studio the 1st Designer/Educator Sub-Committee meeting for a new "Section" we are building within the Canada Craft and Hobby Association Chapter.
I am pretty sure that the group opted to meet at my studio because they knew we would have some crafty fun. 

I set up our meeting table to look like a craft store exploded.
When I teach resin to a new group I try to use only items that do not require "sealing."  There is never enough time to let items dry thoroughly, so everything I placed on the table could be covered/embedded with resin without the added step of sealing it first.
They jumped right into the projects!
The bezels I am showing you today were made by Brenda Greenwood-Vernem.  Brenda works for Westcott and like a lot of craft professionals does not always have time to play.    She used everything on the table!  Her bezels are gorgeous.  She left them with me to cure and I am not sure I will be returning them......

If you are a professional designer I strongly urge you to consider becoming a member of the Craft and Hobby Association.  If you are a Canadian Designer, you can be in two groups like I am!  
We have some super exclusive events planned and there are going to be opportunities for demonstrating jobs as well!

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