Baking Techniques for Resin Clay Projects and Brass Stencils-Part One

I bet you think of pie dough when you see this image on your screen.
This is a little ball of Jewelry Clay sitting on some baby powder on my non stick work sheet.
I rolled it out with a little rolling pin and the baby powder acts just like flour does when you roll out pie crust.
The flattened clay was ideal to press a brass stencil into.
I have a ton of old stencils I never use any more, so I have been hoping to incorporate them some way into projects, since many of them are new, and I never used them at all.  I added some baby powder to the back of this stencil to see if I could press it into the clay...and still remove it afterwards.
Here is how it looked.
Then I applied some pink Pearl Rx to the the exposed clay.
Then I removed the stencil. 
Ta Da!
I applied gold Pear Ex to the areas that were under the stencil.  Pearl Ex will only cling to the clay that does not already have powder on it.
Now we wait.  I made two little holes in the clay so that when it cures I can turn it into a necklace pendant with no further drilling needed!
See you tomorrow!

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