Stampendous Glitter and Mica Flakes Tags with Jewelry Resin

I am very excited to show you, on the last day of my blog hop with the Stampendous Design team, my final projects. 
 I already know from early experiments this week that vintage glass looks amazing under resin.  Now was my chance to play with Stampendous micro glitterAs you can see I had a really nice assortment to choose from.  I also chose to work with the Nunn Design raised tag rectangles.
 I applied Quick grip glue to my tag surface.  
(Note that I left some open areas.)
I let the glue air dry for a few minutes.
 Then I dropped glitter over the surface.  Quick Grip dries quickly, so I knew if I waited, the glitter would stick in some spots and not in others.  I wanted to try and make these surfaces look like gem stones.
  Here are my three tags drying.
 When the tags were dry I brushed away the excess glitter and made a small batch of Jewelry Resin.

 I brushed resin across the surface of the resin tag.  
I call this a glaze layer.
Now I do get asked all the time....can you wash out the brush?  I don't even try.  I buy my brushes at the dollar store and I know they can't be cleaned.  Sometimes I recycle the wood though!

 When my glaze layer of resin was in place I carefully placed some FRAN-TAGE bronzed mica flakes on the surface.

 I let everything cure and was so happy with the results!

  Here is how I am going to wear these tags.

 This is my attempt to create some "manly necklaces."

 The bronze flakes in this tag remind me a gold mine!

I had such a great week working with Stampendous products.

Thank you for all your support and comments!

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