Jewelry Clay Rubber Stamped Pendants/Dangles

 I have been having a great time making the most unique and interesting pendants with our new Jewelry Clay!
 Today I am going to show you how I made a double sided dangle with one clay ball.  You can see here, that I have two different rubber stamps.
 I did something daring!  I pat/pressed my Jewelry Clay ball into place, right on the rubber stamp.
 Then I applied Staz-On black ink to my other rubber stamp and pressed it into the clay.  Now both sides were stamped and I knew I would be letting the clay cure in place overnight.
 I added a little silver screw eye at the same time.  This clay cured and made this a perfect attachment.
 The next day I peeled my clay pendant away from the rubber background stamp.  The impressions I wanted are now embossed permanently.

I added colour to my new dangle with acrylic paints.  Tomorrow I will show you what I did with the second ball of clay!
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