Jewelry Clay Pendants - Stamped and Coloured with Acylic Paint - Part Two

 Here are my clay pendants after curing over night.  
They don't look very special at this point.  See yesterday's post.

 I really love how the clay adheres so firmly to my open components.  The powder has also cured in place.
 These are just fun.
 However, look at how much more interesting they are after I stain them with acrylic paint!  All I do is brush acrylic paint onto the cured clay and wipe away the excess with a paper towel.  I do this several times until I am happy with the colour. 
My pendants look aged now and you can see the rubber stamped designs.
 Here is what the button did to the clay surface.  (see yesterday's post)
 You would have never known all those lines were there.  So I can happily report that acyclic paint works beautifully on the clay.  I am going to spray them with a protective coating of acrylic to ensure there is no paint transfer later on.

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