Creating Stamped and Coloured Double sided Clay Pendants

Yesterday I spent hours looking for this clay pendant.  It is the first time I have not been able to locate a finished piece.  I looked everywhere and finally came to the conclusion that it has either been loaned out for a presentation....or I put it somewhere really safe, which means it will be months before I find it.....Thank goodness I look one last picture as it was curing.
Here is a second way I have to make double sided, coloured and stamped pendants. 
(Yesterday's post showed you my first technique.)
To begin, I purchased some items from the polymer clay aisle in Michaels craft store.  This is a non stick texture sheet and I placed/gently pressed my ball of Jewelry Clay onto its surface.
To be cautious, and ensure my stamp would not stick to my clay I added a little baby powder to the surface.
Then I used the polymer clay cutter/stamp.  I am not sure if you have seen these, but they perform two tasks.
I could have cut a leaf out of my clay, but instead choose to just impress the image.
While the clay was still fresh (under 30 minutes made) I also added three crystals and a silver screw eye.
I have been getting questions about which powders you can use on our Jewelry Clay.  My favorite powder is Pearl Ex, which I use exclusively in my studio, but I did test powders from other companies and they work just fine.  These are the powders I gently brushed on the surface of my clay with a soft brush.
Here is the clay curing.  The powders will also cure in place.
The next day I pulled my pendant away form the texture sheet...and as you can see it now has amazing texture on the reverse side.
My final step was to use acrylic paint to highlight my lines and to paint the reverse.
I wish I could show you this pendant on a finished piece of jewelry because it really is very pretty!

 Our new clay!

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