Brazen Broads - Bottle Cap Magnets!

These bottle cap magnets are the result of me going on a little buying trip to Hobby Lobby.
 Hobby Lobby sells all the ETI products I feature on this blog and good news folks: they are going to be selling the new Envirotex Jewelry Clay!
This collection of vintage bottle caps was on sale, so I could not resist picking up a pack...even though I already have 1000 bottle caps in my stash....
The artwork is a digital download from Jewelry Foolery and appropriately titled; Retro Brazen Broads.  They did make me laugh!
I picked up a new one inch circle punch while I was shopping.  It makes these project super easy.
Jewelry Foolery already sized the images to be a perfect one inch circle.
These were among my favorite images.
I glued in and sealed my images and let them dry overnight.  Now that there is a little more humidity I need to make sure glue is 100% dry before I pour in my resin.
The last thing I did before I poured in Envirotex Jewelry Resin was to add a little glitter glue to the circle edges. I love my new bottle caps!  I added magnets to the back and they are ready to be revealed on the fridges of friends!

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