Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Little Phone Ring

This little miniature phone was ideal for a special ring setting.
I placed some Jewelry Clay in my ring bezel and simply pushed my phone into the clay.  A light dusting of silver Pearl-Ex completed the project.

Isn't it amazing that this phone is considered "retro."  I am sure my young niece and nephews will wonder how we all used such a contraption.  Now I just need to find a miniature beeper.


  1. I just love all your clay rings, they are my faves. You always seem to find the best miniatures that I can't find anywhere online. Do you make them Carmi?

  2. Every now and again I do searches on Ebay. Right now I have enough interesting miniatures for a year of posts due to some summer purchases last year when I was designing a class. I also have a Japanese specialty store in my area and I look there once a month or so.

  3. Oh wow, that sounds cool, can't wait to see your next ring ^_^


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