Rubberstamped Jewelry Clay and Resin Pocket Watch Pendant

 I have made some good projects with our new Jewelry Clay.
This one I consider GREAT!  I hope you love it too.
 It began with a small batch of Jewelry Clay.  
Here is a little tip:  If you find the clay is too moist, add some baby powder.  It will stop sticking to your gloves.
 I rolled my clay flat as though it was a polymer clay.
 Then I inked up my rubber stamp with black Staz-on.
 After I stamped the image, I pressed this open back pocket watch body into my clay.  I removed the excess clay with an x-acto blade.
 Adding colour was a breeze.  I pressed some Preciosa crystals into the clay and softly applied some colour with Pearl-ex powders on my brush.
 Here is my pocket watch/pendant curing.  As you know, the clay air dries.
 The next day I filled the watch face to the brim with Jewelry Resin.  This clear glass coating made all my colours pop!
I even stamped the back of the pendant with my rubber stamp and sealed it under a glaze coat of Jewelry Resin.
My rubber stamp is an all time favorite  I have had it for years.  It is Acey Deucy - Puccini's Muse.

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