Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Big Resin Clay Disaster Comeback!

 This is a craft disaster with a happy ending.  In fact, I would even say it is a disaster that has sent me down a completely new artistic path!
 In February I had my long post explaining how to do a transfer onto our new clay using transfer papers.  
I tested several paper transfer sheets before I selected Print'n Press as my personal favorite.  What I didn't tell you is that I had to test all the brands because some of them didn't work for me.  This project is a perfect example.  
It started out smoothly.  I made a batch of clay and placed it on the transfer paper (brand not to be named.)
You can see I did two extra things in this picture.
1.  I brushed Pearl-ex across the back and sides of the clay to give them a nice ivory coloured finish.
2.  I embedded red crystals into the side of the clay along with gold screw eyes to make them instantly wearable after the clay cured.
 However, after letting my clay cure in place overnight, like I normally transfer turned our awful!  It was too light and uneven.  I could not bear to throw these pieces away because the crystals along the edging were so perfect!

 So out came my gel markers and I hand drew my own ladies over the bad transfer,  I covered the new drawings with a glaze layer of Jewelry Resin and was THRILLED with the final baubles!
I turned them into one of kind earrings.

So once again, Jewelry Clay and Jewelry Resin are ideal partners!  My craft disaster is now craftastic!


  1. What beauty comes out of a mistake. I love how they turned out.

  2. Way to go! The best part is that looking at the end result you'd never know it wasn't on purpose!

  3. They are fabulous!
    jean xox

  4. Oh darn. I wanted to order a pair.


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