Media Mixage Bezels and The Vienna Ball

I am pretty excited about today's post!
 Last month I happily attended a beading weekend at the Mall of America organized by Beadniks.

This is the bezel set I received in my goodie bag at the event.  I was in a new Jewel Loom beading class by Julianna Hudgins, so I was not expecting to see bezels.  Isn't it gorgeous? 
Did you know about the new bezel collection from Spellbinders?  It is from their new line named "media mixage."
Spellbinders™ Media Mixáge™ Bezel Die Templates are made to match our bezels that are offered in the Media Mixáge line. Using the Spellbinders Media Mixáge Artisan X-plorer™ Machine, various media can be cut, embossed and stenciled. Use them with the bezels or by themselves, the choice is yours!
 Now, if I had the full line from Spellbinders I would be showing you the dies that they have launched that cut paper to fit your matching bezels!  Do you hear my squeal?  Imagine how fast and easy that would be!  I could not wait, so I cut my paper "old school" by pressing the bezel into the paper on a mouse pad and then using scissors to cut the marked line.
My image is from a very old book called "The Austrians."  
This gal is going to the Vienna Ball.
I placed my paper images into the bezels and sealed the paper like I normally do with three different coats of Aleene's decoupage medium.  I also added pink glitter to the edges.
Next,  I made a batch of Jewelry Resin and poured it into the bezel to about 2/3 of the depth.  I let the resin cure overnight.  I call that pour one of two.
The next day, I added the glitter and liquid pearl dots to that first layer of resin. When the glitter was dry I poured a second doming layer of resin into the bezel.  That is pour two!  With a layer of resin over these glitter dots, they will appear to float in resin.

My show stopping necklace is simply gorgeous!!  The best part of today's post is that I have the links you need to get these bezels too!
This is just one page of the bezel collection.  Do check out all the bezels on the Spellbinders site!
Spellbinders™ Media Mixáge™ Bezels designed by Susan Lenar Kazmer™ come in different shapes and sizes. The Bezels have bezel cups that are embedded on textured plates. The nested Hobnail Bezels have hobnail design surrounding its shape. All have matching die templates to cut, emboss and stencil various media into the bezel cups. There is a choice of bronze or silver finishes.

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