Katy Sue Designs - My Arch Rival! - Part One

 I am going to begin this post with three gorgeous samples made with EasyCast resin.
"Why is Katy Sue my arch rival?" 
you might ask.
As you can see from the banner I clipped from their website, Katy Sue Designs won the coveted Innovations award at the Craft and Hobby show in January.  Our new Jewelry Clay was in the running for this award...so I consider them my arch rival.  No, not really, but it is fun to complain a little.  Katy Sue Designs won with their new cupcake decoration molds.  
Well this is Resin Crafts!  A mold is a mold and these were gorgeous!  Happily, the owner Susan gave me my own set to experiment with as a consolation prize for not winning the main prize.
 Here are the molds and this will be part one of a two part post.
 My pictures are not great because I poured EastCast which I coloured white, into white molds on a white paper background.
 I did want to show you that the molds are excellent since very little sanding needed to be done after I pulled my cured resin from the molds.  Also, just a reminder, once you pour art supplies into a mold you can't use them with food products in the future.
I am using metallic wax rub-ons to colour my pieces.  
I think you know there is a necklace in my future...tomorrow will be the results post!

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