Instant Glam Bezel Necklace

This new bezel pendant is a piece only made possible because three designers worked together.
Fernando Dasilva has a wonderful line of bezels called Instant GlamHe didn't actually work with us, but since he designed the bezels, it does feel like he was right there by our side!
Nancy Donaldson did the wire wrapping and crystal embellishing.  She framed the bezel beautifully!
Then I of course did the resin work!
I wanted to share this piece with you here on Resin Crafts blog because I did something extra only you would understand.  First, I added my paper image and paints like I normally would and have showed you numerous times already on the blog.
 But here is what I did extra.  
When Nancy attached the wire to the bezel she had to make two holes.  Even though the holes were small, if you have ever poured resin into something like know the resin will seep through the hole like it was a huge opening!  And once it can't be stopped.  So I used a little of our new Jewelry Clay and plugged the hole!  Then I painted over the cured clay and you would never know what I was up to!
My last step was to glue in some rhinestone chain and then I poured in Jewelry Resin.
Today's post is also featured on Metal Complex, the manufacturers of the Instant Glam bezel I am showcasing.

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