Vintage Trim in Resin - Permanent Shapes

 This sample of vintage trim is now permanently encased in Envirotex Lite.
 It began as pieces of a trim from a vintage linen collection I located in an antique store.
Here is a link to the first project I made with some of the vintage trim. 
I would like to show you how I created my new resin project.  To begin, I sealed my trim with Aleene's decoupage medium on a non stick sheet.  As you can see, I was generous with the glue.
 I moved my trim to a second location on the non stick sheet and applied extra decoupage medium to the back side.  I waited for this to dry and then peeled my trim from the non stick sheet and applied a second layer of sealing decoupage to the front of my trim.
 I allowed my trim to dry overnight.  Then I made a small batch of Envirotex Lite and carefully dripped/painted my resin all over the trim.  The open areas are glued to the non stick sheet and are keeping the resin in place.
 24 hour later, I peeled my trim away from the non stick sheet.  I cut away some of the edges.  AS you can see by the arrows there is some excess glue and resin I can cut away.
 This is the reverse of my "resoned" trim.  When you work on a non stick sheet, the resin can pick up the slight texture of the sheet.  I really do not like this.
So I am applying a new later of Envirotex Lite to the back of my trim to ensure that these textures are covered.  
Wait till you see what I do with this next!

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