Nunn Design Winter Collection Projects

The new ornate flat tags in the Nunn Design catalogue are ideal charms!  They are part of the collection I will be giving away next week.
I have been wanting to use some imagery of Catherine the Great in a resin project.  These new tags made me think of royalty because they are indeed ornate.
I made a photocopy of them so I could use a paper template to cut out my images.

Once my images were in place I sealed them with three layers of decoupage medium.  I was careful to let each coating dry between applications.
The tags are shallow.  I decided to brush on a top coat of Envirotex Lite resin.  Remember, Envirotex Lite is perfect for projects like these.  One coat of this resin is equal to 50 coats of varnish!
 I love my new charms!
The Nunn Design give-a-way for the Winter Collection is linked here.

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