Nunn Design Week - Clay and Resin Projects

I have two very different projects to share with you today featuring Nunn Design bezel pendants from the Winter Collection.

As you can see, I am having great success working with these beautiful components.
 My bird pendant was created by filling the silver bezel with Jewelry Clay.
 Then I inked my rubber stamp and simply stamped into the clay.
 When my clay was cured I coloured it with some metallic wax and it was ready to add to the necklace.
My angel pendant was a classic Jewelry Resin project. I did two pours of resin.  The first to encase the Japanese paper and set the angel.
Then I added my heart and filled the bezel to the brim with resin.  The heart appears to float now.
The jewelry is making itself!  When you work with beautiful embellishments I think it will always inspire you to create gorgeous finished pieces.
The Nunn Design give-a-way for the Winter Collection is linked here.

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