Making Molds - Part Two

 Here is my molded duplicate!
Are you wondering how I duplicated a silver metal antique pin into my own new piece?
In yesterday's blog post I showed you how I used EasyMold to make this new mold.
 This new mold is of a shallow pendant so I could use Envirotex Jewelry Resin to make a duplicate.  However, EasyCast resin is designed for molding projects so I prefer to use it.  I made a small batch of resin and coloured it pink with ETI's colour pigments.
Here is my resin with two drops of white and one drop of red pigment to make my pink colour.
 Here is my duplicate fresh out of the mold.
I sanded my edges with a regular nail file.
I used metallic wax to colour my pendant!
I could not be happier with my results!

Part one of this post linked here.

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