How To Make and Create Art in Your Own Open Back Bezels - Part 1

This is a very deceiving image.  
You won't believe how this little heart 
can become a wearable piece of art.
What you are seeing is our new Jewelry Clay, shaped into a heart form.  It is sitting on a piece of very sticky red line tape.  
(I buy it at Michaels in the scrap booking section.)  
For this technique, the tape needs to be sticky side up so powder will cling to it.
This is our new Jewelry Clay.I made the heart shape with it.
The powders I am using are Pearl-Ex.
In this picture you can see that I have rubber stamped into the clay giving it some additional interesting lines and then I brushed gold powder all over the clay. Some of the powder is now sticking to the red line tape.  I added other powder colours as well.
The powder has now made the tape un-sticky.  That is perfect!  I am now adding some embellishments like this gold peel off heart to it.
In fact, I am adding lots of 
embellishments to the heart opening.
My last step for this part of the tutorial is to make a small batch of Jewelry Resin.
I have poured my resin into my heart opening.  A little of it is going into some of the clay edging but I am fine with that.  I need to let this cure for the full 48 hours now!  See you tomorrow!

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