How To Make and Create Art in Your Own Open Back Bezels - Part 2

 Here is the front of my finished heart.
 Here is the back.
In yesterday's post I told you that I poured Envirotex Jewelry Resin into my heart and let it cure for a full 48 hours.  I needed my resin to be completely solid before I pulled the tape away from the back.  Red Line tape is very strong and sticky and I did not want to bend or warp my clay or resin by tugging the tape away too soon.
 When I pulled the tape from the back here is what I found.  
1.  The tape residue is still here.  It is sticky and hard to remove.
2.  You can see my gold Pearl-Ex powder clung really nicely to all the edges of the clay.
  Some of the resin poured over the side of the heart.  
I can easily cut this away.
 I could not resist looking to see if my heart was still translucent.  It is!
 To deal with the sticky residue on the back I brushed some silver Pearl-Ex across the back.
Then I inked my rubber stamp with black Staz-On and stamped my image to the back.  I did apply one last glaze coat of Jewelry Resin to the back to ensure that my image was permanently encased in resin.
My two best friends!

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