Friday, February 22, 2013

Resin Clay In Bottle Caps

 My experiments with clay would not be complete 
unless I worked in a bottle cap.
I tested a lot of ideas this way before I started working in more expensive bezels.
 Here is my clay simply patted into the cap.

 This is the new clay we launched.
 I left my seed beads on their strings and pressed them into place.  Then I cut and removed the strings.
 I could have left my bottle caps as they were.  After a day I could see they would be very pretty pendants.
But, this is an experimental time for me and I wanted to show you how fabulous they now looked with a dome layer of Jewelry Resin!

The clay is cured in 24 hours.
Jewelry Resin is cured in 48 hours.


  1. I have some ugly pink jewelry clay that I can use for something like this before it dries up!

  2. I like these results. You've convinced me to buy the Jewelry Resin and give it a try. I'll head into town at lunch today. Thanks!


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