Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay

Here is the first of many pendants that I will be making with my two best friends!

 They are Envirotex Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay!
 I made a small batch of Jewelry clay and placed it in this bezel.  Then, I added beads that were already pre-strung to the edging as shown.  If you leave the beads on the string, it sure is easy to create a superb edge!  Only you and I know that I did not add these beads one at a time.
 Then I added a little baby powder to the surface of the clay and pressed in this wooden dowel.
 Now I have created a bezel within a bezel!
 The clay will hold shapes.
I brushed Pearl Ex Sky Blue pigment across the surface which made it this fabulous colour.
Then I let my clay air dry overnight.
 The next day I added this paper image.
 I sealed the paper with Aleene's decoupage medium like I normally do in a bezel.
Last step, I dropped in some Jewelry Resin and had a fabulous finished pendant!

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