Jewelry Clay Believe Pendant

 Here is a pendant that I hope will encourage you to experiment with the new Envirotex Jewelry Clay.
 My pendant started with this heart shaped bezel and all these various jewelry components.
 It would be very hard to try and glue items these in place.    I have a bird that I want to showcase, a long pin with a rhinestone edge and these vintage unusual rectangle crystals. 

 The new clay allows you to work in three dimensions.  I know I can add a component that may need support.  I made a small batch of Jewelry Clay and filled my bezel.
 The I added in all my pieces.  I made sure everything had really great contact with the clay.  
See how the birds are just slightly attached?  
The clay is sticky enough to adhere to these items.
 Of course, my favorite technique is to then just brush some green Pearl-Ex across the surface of the pendant.  The Pearl-ex will only cling to clay. This way, I can make clay in any colour I want!
 I "believe" that you will think my pendant turned out fantastic too!

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