Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Make a Glass Pebble Wearable - Part Two

Here are my new wearable glass pebbles!
 It is amazing what you can make with a piece of glass normally found in a florist's vase.
This is how I finished my necklaces with beads.  
Now, let me show you how I got here.
Yesterday I showed you how I glued my paper imagery to the glass pebble.  I also sealed the back of the paper and let everything
 dry overnight.
Then I made a small batch of Jewelry Clay.
Jewelry Clay cures solid in 24 hours.  This technique is a great one for people who may not want to mold, embed or stamp it.  Jewelry Clay is an extra tool in my studio.
 I pressed my clay to the back of the pebble (see the sample in my hand.)  I used a little baby powder when I did this so that when I pressed the clay in place it did not stick to my gloves.
The clay is about 1/8 on an inch thick on the back.
Then I added some screw eyes.
 The screw eyes are hard to see, but I pressed them into the clay so they would also cure in place.  I brushed silver Pearl Ex over all the clay and was done!
All I had to do now was wait.
This is FAUX SOLDERING!  No torch or solder needed!
I simply strung my beads, added the pebbles and I had two fabulous new necklaces!

How To Make a Glass Pebble Wearable - Part One


  1. cool! Hopefully we will get that our Michaels one day!

  2. These are so nice! I love the way you've done the beading. I need to get some clay and try it out - it's so versatile!

  3. I love how you can solder without a torch or solder iron. Way cool.

  4. That is one fantastic idea! Now I've got to head to Hobby Lobby & grab some of that. You've got me very interested.


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