How To Make a Glass Pebble Wearable - Part One

 Many years ago I learned how to magnify images under simple glass pebbles.  Glass pebbles are found in the flower arranging section of a craft store.  Normally, people use them in vases as a decorative feature.
 All you need are some paper images or interesting paper (like Japanese papers) and some pebbles.  These pebbles are extra big.  Note that the top pebble has unusual cuts and scratch marks.  Those scratch marks may make the image under it look distorted, so I didn't use it.  
I love Lisa'a Altered Art and buy digital images regularly from her on Etsy.  That's why the images already have words and backgrounds included.
 I applied a thick coat of my decoupage medium to the surface of my paper image.
 Then I placed my pebble right into the glue.  See that foggy area?  That is glue that has not dried clear yet.  I let these dry overnight. 
The next day I cut away the excess paper and applied another thick layer of decoupage medium to the back of my paper image.  Now I wait for everything to be dry.  Tomorrow...what I do next!

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