Thanking Embellie Gellie

 Here is another great item I can recommend to you for 2013.  I'll be using mine all the time in future projects and in photos.  This is the Embellie Gellie - the quick pick up tool for small embellishments!
Before the holidays I contacted Amy Roszak the owner and inventor of this amazing tool.  I am so grateful she agreed to supply my classes at the Craft and Hobby show next week with a pick-up tool for every student.  
I have been testing and trying all the pick-up tools that are currently on the market.  
What makes Embellie Gellies so great is that you simply mold the "gellie" onto the wand.  When that gellie is no longer tacky, you replace it with a fresh new piece.  Genius!!  Embellie Gellie is sold via  I am linking to their blog and have "liked the Facebook page too!