Seed Beads in Jewelry Clay

Here is a seed bead and clay project that takes only minutes to complete!

This is the new package for Jewelry Clay.  It isn't my intent to drive you crazy with projects when I know you can't purchase it yet, but I do want to build up a library of mini tutorials so that when you do get it you can start creating right away!
I really admire seed bead artists.  They take tiny beads and patiently stitch them into wearables.  Whether they use a loom or hand stitch onto felt, it is a timely process.  I have wanted to add seed beads into my own jewelry making projects but can't set enough time aside to focus on it.  This is one of the reasons I was so excited about Jewelry Clay!

These jewelry components are meant to be strung.  See the openings for the string material to pass through on the back side?  At one point I thought I might try and use these as bezels and pour in some Envirotex Lite.

Instead I took the world's fastest short cut!  
Step one:  Fill the bezels with Jewelry Clay.
Step Two: Take a hank (pre-strung seed beads) and simply wind and press them into the clay.
Step Three:  Brush Pearl-Ex colours of your choice across the surface to fill in any gaps.

 Doesn't this look complex?  
Seed beads are now in my studio and getting used!

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