Japanese Papers In Resin

 Creating bezels that look this pretty is very easy if you have Japanese Paper in your collection.

This is one of the samples from my class at the Craft and Hobby show earlier this month.
All you need is a bezel, Japanese paper , sequins, some beads and Jewelry Resin.
 First cut paper and glue into the bezel opening.  Japanese paper is fabulous under resin.  This is the only paper I DO NOT SEAL.  I simply glue it into my bezel.  The white areas will become translucent under resin.
To add your sequins and beads, squeeze a small portion of glue onto work surface.   I used Zip Dry.  This glue dries FAST.  Only squeeze out a little at a time.  See the little Embellie Gellie pick up stick?  That made this project even easier as it helped me place all my tiny embellishments.
 Glue sequins first and follow with beads.  When everything is dry, pour in your resin.
When you pour in your resin...do not fill to brim. 
Consider a second doming pour.

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