How To Make a Greeting Card Wearable

 I have a sweet collection of bezels to share with you today.
 The bezels are the result of this greeting card.  
I could not bear to throw it away and I have kept it in my recycling bin for several years now.  The card features the artwork of Normand Hudon.  Normand was born in 1929 in Montreal and was classically trained.  He also studied in Paris and met many of the famous artists of the day including Picasso.  His painting of Canada are classics.  This image is such a great visual of a snowy landscape and all the kids are bundled up for their walk home.  Many of you will remember moments just like this.
 I used a one inch punch to sort out the parts of the greeting card I wanted to embed in resin.
After sealing my paper images with Aleene's decoupage medium I poured Envirotex Jewelry resin into each bezel.
My bezels are done....this weekend I will turn it into something wearable and post that on Monday!

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