Foil and Charm Bezel

This is one of the projects I taught last week in our "Creating With Envirotex Jewelry Resin" class at the Craft and Hobby show.
I gave all the students this bezel and several pieces of foil.  Foil is found in the candy making aisle...or you could just collect candy wrappers!  
Just crumple the foil to create interesting lines and cracks.
Then you need to add a good glue to your bezel opening.  We used Zip Dry in the class.
You need to place your foil into the bezel in an interesting colour pattern.  In my case teal, red and gold.
I added a metal charm and used wax paper to continue pressing my foil flat and into the bezel bottom.  The wax paper is used so the glue doesn't stick to my fingers.
Here is the bezel before I poured in Envirotex jewelry Resin.  I cut away any sharp ridges so that the resin could cover everything nicely.
This bezel is unusual.  I did have an over-pour.  If you monitor your projects, at about the 10-12 hour mark you can still easily peel away resin from the metal back.

I want to thank Beacon for providing everyone in the class with their own Zip Dry Glue!

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