Envirotex Jewelry Clay in Molds

 This is one of the necklaces I showcased at the Craft and Hobby Show this week.  It features one of the first items I made with our new clay in a mold.
 Envirotex Jewelry Clay is so easy to work with.  I mixed a small batch and placed/pushed it into the mold.  I let the resin clay cure for 5 hours in the mold and when I removed it I could see that it captured every line and shape in the mold.  I used metallic wax to colour it.  I'll show you this technique in the next few weeks.
 I simply glued my clay lady to a piece of filigree and then attached it to the necklace.
 The molds are from Paula Radke.  She designed them to use with her glass clay.
I added a little gold Pearl-Ex to my clay when I mixed it.  This is how my piece looked right out of the mold.  Coloring it made it my own.
Envirotex Jewelry Clay just launched on Friday January 11th.  I will let you know when it starts shipping to stores!

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