EnviroTex Jewelry Clay - The First Tutorial!

The Coffee Break Ring
Designed by Carmi Cimicata for

Featuring our new EnviroTex Jewelry Clay

This is the ring idea I will be demonstrating at the Craft and Hobby Show.
This ring could be made on your coffee break! 
It only takes a few minutes to make if you have all your supplies ready.
Mix a small portion of Envirotex Jewelry Clay, which is also known as “resin clay.”  This clay cures solid and waterproof in 24 hours.  No kiln or oven required.
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay has excellent adhesive qualities so you can place your items at various angles and be confident that they will cure in place.

Using your pick-up tool (Embellie-Gellie) you can embed crystals around the base of your ring.  Press your items into the clay gently.

Finally, the clay can be coloured by simply brushing a Pearl-ex powder of your choice onto its surface.

Supplies Needed
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay
ring blank
miniature cup, cupcake or donut
Pearl-ex powder
pointed back crystals - Preciosa
pick-up tool - Embellie Gellie

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