High End Resin Pendant - Part Two

 Here we are.  Part two of a complicated resin project.  
I hope this is giving you a few ideas!

When I posted yesterday, the last step was making sure that I had sealed my paper.  Happily, my efforts were rewarded! No resin stains!  So here are next steps.
My vintage pendant is not completely flat.  To ensure that I did not have a resin over-pour I did two things.
1.  I raised my pendant from my table top so that I was able to level my peice as much as possible.
2.  I did not try to pour Envirotex Lite right to the brim of each opening  (see arrows above.)
 It cured beautifully!  But I am not done.
Now I am using glitter markers to add some lines, dots and scribbles to the first layer of cured resin.  I think you know where I am going with this.  When my glitter is dry I will pour a doming layer of Envirotex Lite over each of these areas.  On Monday I will post my grand finished pendant!

Part One Linked Here

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