Fly Me To The Moon Bezels

I know I say this once a week.
THESE are now my favorite bezels!  I just never know how some ideas will pan out and when they turn out great even I still do a little jump for joy!
 Last weekend I participated in the "Shop Local" event.  I do have a local antique market and while browsing the aisles came across this vintage Canadian reader.  I absolutely love this cover illustration!  The added bonus?  The tiny Canadian flag. 
 After scanning the cover, I tweaked the image in photoshop until I had a one inch by one inch image to place into my bezel.  I sealed my image with Aleene's matte decoupage (my current favorite sealer) and then I applied black glitter glue to the edges.  I had to let this dry overnight.  I wanted to be sure all the glue was 100% dry before pouring in my resin.


Now.  I don't have a picture of my next step.
When my sealer was dry I poured Envirotex Lite into the bezel to about the 2/3 mark.  I usually create my bezels with two pours.  This allows me to add markings or colour to the first layer and then a final doming layer.  So, just imagine you are now looking at the bezel curing with the first layer of resin poured into it.
 Twenty four hours layer I added extra colour to the top of the first layer of resin.  Sharpie has NEW glitter paint markers!  They are brilliant for this technique!
 Now I pour on a second layer of resin.  See how it is domed?  The second layer will make those marker additions appear to be floating.  Also, see those bubbles?  I pass my lighter flame over the surface and that gets rid of them in a mili-second.
Ta Da!  Canadian moon visitors!

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