The Festive Pendant

 My festive pendant turned out great!  The image I choose was from a vintage Christmas card I purchased in Paris in the spring.  I had to tweak it a little in photoshop before I could use it in such a small setting.
Okay.  How did I get to this point.
In yesterdays post I showed you how I sealed my paper image with several coats of decoupage medium to protect it.

 My next step was to add some glitter glue around the edges of the image.  I always love this effect.
Then I did the first of two resin pours.  I poured Envirotex Lite into the bezel until it was half full.  Roughly 1/8 of an inch depth.  I let that cure for about 12 hours.
 At the 12 hour mark, the surface is relatively hard...but you can damage it.  I carefully added some glitter pen markings and highlights.
Then I did my final pour of resin.  See how my glitter pen markings look like they are suspended in glass?  Two pours are always the best, especially when working in a fairly deep bezel like this one.

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